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30 ECTS Padua, Fieldwork site(s) Year 2 Semester 4 Compulsory Tool, Environmental sciences, Integrative/inter/transdisciplinary


The thesis in Padova should be based on empirical fieldwork or on an original elaboration of an already available data set (e.g., DBs on trade, production, consumption, sites, organizations , …).

The thesis can be combined with an internship at international organizations, NGOs, universities or similar.

The thesis work corresponds to 26 ECTS but it is complemented by a compulsory subject (4 ECTS) on Master thesis preparation.

The thesis project is a research project that must deal with topics related to social and environmental responsibility in the management of forest management and in the management of the wood and Non-Wood Forest Products value chain. Topics connected with the development of public and private initiatives of Ecosystem Services marketing are included (e.g.: REDD+ and other forest-related projects in the institutional and voluntary markets, Carbon forest standards development and use, responsible finance, implementation of new EU Regulation on the forest Taxonomy, the Carbon Farming Initiative, …)

Learning outcomes

Ability to

  • establish a research projects
  • discuss and analyse the key issues concerning environmental and social responsibilities in managing forest resources
  • make a critical analysis, and to propose a suitable course of action
  • contribute to the global debate on management of forest resources

Teaching and learning methods

The thesis work is under the supervision of one of TESAF Department research teaching staff member(s) Joint supervision with external expert(s) is welcome.

Type of assessment

  • Individual
  • Written assignment
    • The thesis is defended at a public seminar. Thesis contents, expositive clarity, proper use of language and ability to discuss in presenting work in front of the Thesis Commission are the assessment criteria.


  • Location : Padua, Fieldwork site(s)
  • ECTS granting : University of Padua
  • Organisation : University of Padua


Davide Pettenella

Pr Davide Pettenella

  • Full professor (PhD)
  • University of Padua, Padua Italy

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