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25 ECTS Prague, Fieldwork site(s) Year 2 Semester 4 Compulsory Environmental sciences


In order to successfully complete the master’s studies, students must submit a thesis, the topic of which is focused on forestry or agroforestry issues in the tropics. Emphasis will be placed especially on original scientific results obtained as part of field experimental activities in tropical (or subtropical) regions and/or during laboratory work focused on tropical and subtropical issues.

Proposals for theses topics:

  • Morphological and genetic diversity of selected agroforestry tree species
  • Impact of agroforestry systems on biodiversity conservation
  • Vegetative propagation of selected tropical tree species
  • In vitro micropropagation of selected tropical tree species
  • Tree diversity in cocoa agroforestry

The thesis can be combined with an internship at international organisations, NGOs, universities or similar.

Learning outcomes

The purpose of the thesis is to allow students to demonstrate their ability to work independently with an academic topic which is key to the academic profile of the individual MSc programme.

Teaching and learning methods

Consultations with a supervisor of the thesis.

Type of assessment

  • Individual
  • Defence


  • Location : Prague, Fieldwork site(s)
  • ECTS granting : Czech University Of Life Sciences Prague
  • Organisation : Czech University Of Life Sciences Prague


Bohdan Lojka

Dr Bohdan Lojka

  • Senior lecturer (PhD)
  • Czech University Of Life Sciences Prague, Prague Czechia