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Why choose Global Forestry?

The MSc programme in Global Forestry is a two-year outstanding integrated programme aimed at qualifying graduates with the diverse careers in forestry in medium and low-income countries.

Gain competencies

Through an outstanding, research based education, graduates will gain the required competencies for working with global forestry issues:

  • a firm theoretical foundation
  • practical and international experience
  • openness to foreign cultures.

These are all competencies needed for working as a researcher or in tropical forest practice, e.g. with a development agency, consultancy company, NGO, international organisation, ministry, or governmental agency. Successful students will also be able to apply to high-level international PhD programmes.

Benefit from an international, cutting-edge educational scheme

The programme’s innovative features encompass:

  • joint teaching of all students during their first semester through teacher mobility
  • the combination of theory and field work, including in medium and low-income countries
  • use of technology in teaching (pure e-learning as well as blended learning) across a wide range of modules; use of associate partners as internship hosts during thesis work
  • support to achieve all specified learning outcomes through a wide range of teaching methods and assessment methods to cater for different student working and learning styles
  • mobilisation of cross-consortium teaching resources in delivery of jointly taught courses.
The GloFor MSc program: Forestry All Over the World
A testimony by Abdalla, a former student from Kenya participating in the Forestry Field module
A testimony by Tessa, a former student from Belgium participating in the Forestry Field module