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Student life at Kourou & Montpellier

AgroParisTech is unique in having multiple campuses in France, including overseas. During the GloFor specialization, experience life in both the Tropics and the Mediterranean!


The campus

The Kourou campus is located at the entrance of the city, not far from the beach and the shops.

The EcoFoG laboratory and its related research institutes are located on the campus. Glofor students attend courses in the EcoFoG’s building. As such they closely interact with the EcoFoG staff (researchers, technicians and admin), and with students from other curricula.

French Guiana

French Guiana is an overseas department covered with more than 95% by tropical humid forest. It is a fantastic playground to discover this very diverse biome, by hiking in the forest or by boat expeditions on the rivers for example.

Students can make the most of their experience by organizing weekend outings. Many weekend trips departing from Kourou are possible.


The campus

The AgroParisTech campus in Montpellier is located North of the urban centre, on the scenic Lavalette domain that hosts Agropolis, the largest national scientific community working on tropical issues.

We welcome a very diverse community of students

  • with different backgrounds in forestry or agronomics,
  • half of them originate from outside Europe
  • some of them hold experience from previous research or operational positions

This and more largely the cosmopolitan essence of Montpellier’s city will take you in an everyday, open-minding experience, immersed in the gentle way of life of the South of France.

The city

Historical Montpellier and its suburbs have about 440,000 inhabitants. Montpellier is the 2nd largest city of the Occitanie region, and 7th largest in France. Under a sunny and warm climate, facing the Mediterranean Sea 12km to the south and backed to the north by the Cévennes Mountains, Montpellier is a very lively town with hundreds of fine restaurants and bars, cinemas, a theatre, and an opera house. Montpellier is well known as a university city with 71,000 students spread over 11 disciplines. At the European level, Montpellier plays a major role through its research activities in various fields including biology, medicine, agronomy, environment, chemistry, and computer sciences.