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Student scholarships

The Erasmus Mundus programme offers scholarships to some students. Alternative sources of funding of fees and living costs exist.

Erasmus Mundus scholarship for students

A student’s Erasmus Mundus scholarship amounts to a maximum of 33,600 € (1400 € per month for up to 24 months).

The first instalment of a student’s Erasmus Mundus scholarship is transferred only upon arrival to the University of Copenhagen, not before. It is the applicant’s own responsibility to pay the processing fee for visa. We cannot make any payments of scholarship in advance to cover travel, visa fees etc.

We aim to accommodate all students’ preferred mobility tracks. However, by accepting an Erasmus Mundus scholarship, students also accept possible restrictions in choosing their second-year university

Other funding sources

Erasmus Mobility Grants students

If you have not been selected for an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, you may apply for an Erasmus+ Mobility Grant to supplement the mobility periods at one or more of the GloFor partner universities, whatever your citizenship.

You can apply for 10 to 12 monthly Erasmus+ Mobility Grant contributions. The monthly rate depends on the destination of your chosen mobility track and on the total amount of Erasmus+ funding allocated to the University of Copenhagen by the EU Commission.

You must apply to the University of Copenhagen during the first semester of your studies for an Erasmus+ Mobility Grant. The grant will expectedly amount to 450-500 € per month. 

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