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Practical information

Your start at the MSc programme

We look forward to meeting you and to welcoming you to the MSc programme.

Welcome days

The welcome programme at your MSc programme will take place 28 August – 1 September 2023 at University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Keep a look out for messages in your email

We will send you all information concerning your first days at University of Copenhagen to the email that you used to register with in the application portal.

Upload documentation

Please remember that there might be documentation you need to upload before your study start. Check your offer of admission in the application portal to see what you still need to document and what your deadline is.

Get help with course registration and tips for housing

SCIENCE Student Services is ready to help you with your course registration – for example at our online Q&A’s about course registration and housing.

Do you have a functional impairment?

If you have special needs due to a functional impairment (for example dyslexia or a physical or mental impairment) then it is possible for you to get help and support during your study programme because of your condition. For instance, you can apply for special exam conditions special.

Contact SCIENCE Student Services if you want to know more about your options and how to apply.

The GloFor student handbook

Every GloFor student can access (HERE) the GloFor student handbook, a one-stop information source on the GloFor programme that includes practical details related to issues such as:

  • student services
  • contact persons
  • accommodation
  • economic issues such as expected location-specific costs per year.

The GloFor student agreement

HERE is the draft version of the 2023-2025 Student Agreement.