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Programme structure

Global Forestry is a two-year program with mandatory mobility between at least two partner universities.

Global Forestry offers a truly integrated study programme fully recognised in all the participating countries. When students have acquired 120 ECTS at at least two Consortium institutions (at least 30 ECTS at each) they will obtain a Global Forestry Double Degree and the Diploma Supplement.

1st year

Students get a thorough introduction to forestry’s local and global role in middle and low-income countries during their first year. All students complete their first semester in Copenhagen, where faculty from all partner universities join the teaching activities.

During February, the first year, all students and one teacher from each partner universities participate in a joint field course in a middle or low-income country. Then, students move to either Dresden or Padua to complete their first year.

2nd year

In their second year, students pursue a particular line of specialisation in any one of the five partner universities: