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Mobility rules

Experience the cultural and geographical diversity of the world!
The Global Forestry programme will take you to different European countries and to the global South.

First year

The first semester of the GloFor programme is common and takes place at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

The second semester is spent either

  • at the University of Padua in Italy
  • at the University of Dresden in Germany.

During this semester all students follow the joint three-week Global Forestry field course in a country of the global South.

Read more about the 1st year course content!

Second year

The second-year specialisation must be completed at one of the five European universities in the programme:

The specialisation year includes a thesis project that includes data collection in a country of the global South.

Rules for Erasmus Mundus scholarship holders

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship holders must spend at least two semesters (totalling one year) in at least two different countries not being the country of residence at the time of enrolment. This implies that if you are a scholarship holder residing in Germany for example at the time of enrolment, you must choose study track as follows:

  • Copenhagen – Padua – Copenhagen/Dresden/Kourou&Montpellier/Padua/Prague or
  • Copenhagen – Dresden – Kourou&Montpellier/Prague/Padua.