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30 ECTS Dresden, Fieldwork site(s) Year 2 Semester 4 Compulsory Environmental sciences


The 4th semester is fully covered by the elaboration of the thesis (27 credits for the Master thesis and 3 credits for the final public colloquium).
The entrance requirement is a successful module examination of the first to third semester.
The Master thesis comprises original research focussing on the tropics/subtropics. In general it includes a three months’ stay in a tropical or subtropical country.
It corresponds to one of five types:
1) Obtaining and interpretation of new knowledge (e.g. by formal experiments or surveys);
2) Reorganization or
re-evaluation of previous knowledge in a relevant context (e.g. bringing together of datasets);
3) Development, testing and improvement of methods of acquisition of information (e.g.
studies with the focus on the working method),
4) Deriving of new case studies and manuals
with direct or indirect application for the understanding of land resources;
5) Critical, formal
and analytical presentation of characteristics of land resources or their development or
management (including concepts of modelling or relevant software development).

Learning outcomes

The student learns to independently perform a previously determined research following a given standard.

Teaching and learning methods

Subject and research plan must be elaborated in collaboration with the supervisor. Regular consultation with the supervisor, using library and other resources must be initiated by the M.Sc. student. Evaluation is made by two examiners (supervisor and external examiner).

Type of assessment

  • Individual
  • Written exam, Oral presentation


  • Location : Dresden, Fieldwork site(s)
  • ECTS granting : Technische Universität Dresden
  • Organisation : Technische Universität Dresden


Lakshmy Jalaja  Rajan

Lakshmy Jalaja Rajan

  • Tutor (MA)
  • Technische Universität Dresden, Dresden Germany

Academic supervisors at Dresden