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Getting into the field for the first GloFor students edition

These first few weeks have been dedicated to immersing our students into the field of global forestry, emphasizing its importance and future prospects, while also focusing on group activities to strengthening the bonds between students. Most days, the Danish weather has also shown itself from its best side, letting our newcomers enjoy the city in the best circumstances.

GloFor 2023 tour in Geel’s forest. Credit T. Sten Pedersen

But it’s not all been about classroom lectures; at GloFor we emphasize putting theory into practice. Therefore, we’ve wasted no time in making sure our new students got their first hands-on experience. On Wednesday 13 September the students attended their first fieldwork expedition, in Geels Skov (Geel’s Forest) north of Copenhagen, where they established research plots and analyzed tree composition. This experience was then followed by a trip to Danish National Museum’s Open Air Museum in order to put the area into context.

We sincerely hope that these first few weeks have been as enjoyable for our new students as they have been for us. As we go forward into the academic year, we look forward to a journey filled with learning, exploration and making new friends!