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Tropical Forest Conservation Management

2 ECTS Kourou Year 2 Semester 3 Elective Integrative/inter/transdisciplinary


The objective of this module is to provide students with the basics of conservation management in the tropics. The course will introduce the notions of:

  • Ethics of Conservation Management
  • Fragmentation of environments and design of protected areas
  • Biological invasions
  • Principles of species conservation, concept of rarity
  • Principles of ecosystem conservation
  • Conservation management of tropical forests

Learning outcomes

The students should be able to understand the different aspects of conservation in a complex environment, and know the different actors and their roles.

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures in the classroom.

At the end of the course, the students will meet the managers of Guyanese natural areas during a 2-day field trip and will have to put into practice their theoretical knowledge on a case study.

Type of assessment

  • Group
  • Oral presentation


  • Location : Kourou
  • ECTS granting : AgroParisTech
  • Organisation : AgroParisTech


Stéphane Traissac

Stéphane Traissac

  • AgroParisTech, Kourou France