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30 ECTS Montpellier, Kourou, Other, Fieldwork site(s) Year 2 Semester 4 Compulsory Environmental sciences, Humanities, Integrative/inter/transdisciplinary, Tool 18


The thesis project is a research project that must deal with environmental and, preferentially, tropical issues in natural ecosystems or within cropping systems including tree as a major component.. It is usually part of an internship in

  • a research institution either national (e.g., Cirad, IRD, Inrae, CNRS, higher education institutions) or international (e.g., CGIAR research centre, Smithsonian Institute, CATIE‚Ķ), or
  • in a non-academic entity such as an NGO, an international organization, a consultancy firm or a foundation.

Preparation, including discussions with AgroParisTech partners from research and education (Montpellier Supagro, IAMM) institutions of the Agropolis campus of Montpellier. Fieldwork should last at least 3 months and be achieved preferably in the tropical area. The thesis subject and its logistic implementation are validated by teaching staff and supervisor after a project document and oral pre-defence have been completed (see module Research planning).

Learning outcomes

Ability to

  • establish a research programme involving local populations in a multicultural context
  • discuss and analyse the key issues concerning management of natural resources
  • make a critical analysis, and to propose a suitable course of action
  • contribute to the global debate on management of natural resources

Teaching and learning methods

The thesis work is under the joint supervision of the hosting institution and of AgroParisTech.

Type of assessment

  • Individual
  • Written assignment, Defence
  • The thesis is defended at a public seminar. Thesis content, defence quality and behaviour during field training are evaluated.


  • Location : Montpellier, Kourou, Other, Fieldwork site(s)
  • ECTS granting : AgroParisTech
  • Organisation : AgroParisTech


AgroParisTech academic supervisors in Montpellier and Kourou