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Research Training and Internship

5 ECTS Prague Year 2 Semester 3 Compulsory Environmental sciences ICI001Z


The main aim of the course is to increase the research competencies and the professional experience of the students of the program. The course emphasizes the development of their methodological research (especially focus on data analysis and evaluation), scientific writing and results presentation.  It also includes laboratory practice (lab analysis) focused on the research of tropical bioresources at scientific, educational or even private (withing the scope of the study programme) institutions in the Czech Republic or abroad. Special attention is also devoted to the acquisition of practical experience with the preparation of proposals for research or development projects, the presentation of research results and the formulation of recommendations for practice.

Calculation of the hour load (maximum):

Within the course students can choose a variety of different educational activities, such as:

  • Active participation in meetings of individual research teams of the faculty (presentation of methodological part of diploma thesis research)…50 hours/semester,
  • Active participation in the seminars related to the methodological prepartion of the diploma thesis…. 50 hours/semester,
  • Research internship at a foreign or external institution in the Czech Republic (including ERASMUS studies)… 100 hours,
  • Preparation and presentation of the student project.. 50 hours/semester,
  • Participation in thematic seminars or workshops suitable for completing the graduate profile…70 hours/semester,
  • Active participation in conferences (presentations in the form of a poster or oral presentation)….50 hours,
  • Submitting a manuscript of the research paper to the peer-reviewed scientific journal (main author or co-author)…100 hours.


Learning outcomes

The students gain practical experiences of scientific activities.

Teaching and learning methods

Active participation in various kinds of scientific activities.

Type of assessment

  • Individual
  • Participation
  • The student regularly consults selection of these activities with his/her thesis promoter and the guarantor of the study programme. The student has to combine at least two activities. He/she  then make selection of activities to correspond with the topic of the diploma thesis, developing the topic appropriately or improving the graduate profile. To obtain a credit, the student must obtain the appropriate number of credits at the end of each semester. Each sub-activity is evaluated according to the time requirement corresponding to the number of hours.


  • Location : Prague
  • ECTS granting : Czech University Of Life Sciences Prague
  • Organisation : Czech University Of Life Sciences Prague


Eloy Fernández Cusimamani