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Agroforestry Systems

3 ECTS Prague Year 2 Semester 3 Compulsory Environmental sciences ICI003Z


The course summarizes present state of the art in scientific research in Agroforestry. Seminars target mainly research or development topics that are currently connected with agroforestry such as biodiversity, ethnobotany, influence of agroforestry systems on soil fertility and water, socio-economic evaluation, population genetics of tropical trees etc. Theoretical framework is completed with various case studies. Students will read and discussed number of research papers focused on above mentioned topics.



  1. Introduction to agroforestry
  2. Participation approach to problem identification in agroforestry
  3. Ethnobotany in agroforestry
  4. Agroforestry design and evaluation
  5. Agroforestry for biodiversity conservation
  6. Tree domestication
  7. Propagation of agroforestry trees
  8. Genetic diversity of agroforestry trees
  9. Economic evaluation of agroforestry systems
  10. Modeling in agroforestry
  11. Project presentations
  12. Project presentations


Learning outcomes

Students gain theoretical knowledge in the field of agroforestry, relating to traditional knowledge and the latest findings in the field. They know the technical terminology used in the field. They will understand the concept and characteristics of agroforestry systems, are familiar with the most widespread agroforestry practices both in the tropics and subtropics and in temperate zones. They understand the principles of mixing the agricultural crops, forest and fruit trees. They know the current status of research in the field of agroforestry. Graduates have a critical awareness of the problems in the field. The knowledge of graduates serve as the basis for original thinking and enable them to participate in research.

Teaching and learning methods

The course consists of independent seminars focusing on various topics in research and development in agroforestry field. During the seminars the students are required to develop projects showing various dimensions of research in agroforestry. The seminars are interactive and participatory because the students finally present their projects for their classmates. The classmates comment the presentation. Also the demonstration and case studies and videos are used for the seminars to illustrate the issues addressed. All materials needed for study related to seminars are available via Learning management system Moodle which is also used by the student to communicate with the teacher when being involved in off-class activities related to the course.

Type of assessment

  • Group
  • Oral presentation
  • To be eligible for passing the course withut grading the students must :

    . Participate in contact teaching (if the student misses more than 20% of classes without accountable reason s/he is not eligible for the exam till s/he does not comply with additional requirements announced by teachers (e.g. additional project).

    . Submit and present in time the project. The projects must meet the criteria announced by the teacher as for its quality (if not the project must be resubmitted). Both projects are evaluated by the teacher (as for the knowledge and competences demonstrated by the students through the project).



  • Location : Prague
  • ECTS granting : Czech University Of Life Sciences Prague
  • Organisation : Czech University Of Life Sciences Prague



Bohdan Lojka

Dr Bohdan Lojka

  • Senior lecturer (PhD)
  • Czech University Of Life Sciences Prague, Prague Czechia